A good library is a throbbing heart in any good educational institute for the academic activities. Our school library is housed in a spacious AC room and is well furnished, so that a cozy corner may be provided to the reader. In order to develop the habit of extensive reading, library is well stocked with good and latest books on different disciplines and encyclopedias

Air Conditioned Smart Classrooms:

The school has introduced E-learning program that provides qualitative audio-visual teaching. The AC classrooms are equipped with smart boards which have topic oriented modules for better learning. The school has a highly progressive outlook and emphasizes on everlasting knowledge.

Computers and Audio-Visual Aids:

Education is imparted through various Aids & Computers. School is imparting compulsory computer education from class I to XII. The internet facility is also available for students in the Computer Lab. The campus has two Computer Laboratories accessible to students.

Mathematics Lab:

Students learn and explore mathematical concepts through a variety of activities using different materials. These activities help the students to explore, to learn and to develop interest. The school has setup Mathematics lab which aims at enabling students to learn reason, connect ideas and think logically.

Language Lab:

The language lab is equipped with Audio-Visual teaching aids to enhance the learning of the languages. It has been designed to develop speaking and listening skills among students.

Science Labs:

The school has well-equipped laboratories separately for Physics, Chemistry, biology and Home Science.

Art Room & Studio:

A well maintained Art Room & Studio are there in the school to give the students aesthetic, delight and make their creativity flow freely.

Sports Complex:

The school has two modestly sized play grounds where students regularly play Cricket, Football, Handball and Hockey. Qualified coaches conduct training sessions in school.


The school owns eighteen vehicles to cater to transportation needs of students and teachers from Chandigarh, Mohali, Morinda, Kurali, Chamkaur Sahib and neighbouring villages.