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 Welcome to National Public School Affiliated to C.B.S.E, NEW DELHI (10+2), Kurali (Mohali) Website. The contents of this website define our mission, our commitment of developing Mind, Body and Spirit of the students. The website will  give you a glimpse of  the manifold activities that go in the school.  Enjoy browsing through the website.


 National Public School, Kurali , a progressive English Medium Co- Educational Institution, is providing  quality education and  the  infrastructure  for imparting instructions in Science Stream i.e Medical, Non- Medical and also in Commerce Stream . A well  thought out program is being drawn up to provide opportunities to enrich experiences through manifold activities  that go in the school viz in the class room, In the library.  In the laboratories, on the play ground and  personal  contacts between teachers and taught . 


“ As is the society, so is the school”.
Factors which shapen and determine the objectives of school education.
1.Geographical Factors                       2. Economic Factors
3.Religious Factors                             4. Political Factors
5.Social Factors                                 6. Linguistic Factors

Since, school is a social Institution. Even then school can never transmit the entire intellectual and social heritage.
Aim of Education:-
     Self expression
     Autonomous development of individuality
     Improvement of racial gains
     Preparation for struggle for existence

Meaning of curriculum:-
     It is based on the nature of the child, his interest etc.
     It lays stress on subject that are helpful in self-preservation.
     It stresses basic sciences
     It emphasizes physical and health education
Meaning of Teaching:-
     Learning by doing
     Learning through experience, reading, lecturing.
     Learning through observation, memorisation and discussion
     Learning through heuristic method
Role of a teacher:- Observer and Stage setter, moral recaller, establishing an ideal person’s image, friend, philosopher and guide.

Three sources of Education:-
     Education of nature
     Education given by men
     Education from circumstances

Four main ways of gaining Knowledge:-
     Rational Approach:- Obtained on the basis of reasons
     Empirical Approach:- Obtain through valid instrument.
     Inspirational Approach:- Obtained through institution.
     Authoritarian Approach:- Obtained from some authority e.g.
     religion, Govt. science etc.

Ms. Devendera Mahal




 The library is well  stocked and  nicely

  maintained. A qualified   librarian and an

  assistant looks after the library. 

  Students  are  encouraged to develop

  the habit of   library reading to enrich  

  their  knowledge and widen their mental


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