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List Of Trustee Members



Mr. Chetan Dhiman


Mr. Nirmal Dhiman


Mr. Darshan Goyal




Mr. Anil Gupta



Mr. Neeraj Gupta


  Mr. Indu Shekher  

  Mrs. Raj Sharma    
  Mr. Gopal Krishan Dhiman    
  Mrs. Gita Dhiman    
  Mrs. Santosh Goyal    
  Mr. Vivek Goyal    
  Mr. Ashok Singi    
  Mrs. Shashi Singi    
  Mrs. Prem Lata Dhiman    
  Mr. Dheeraj Dhiman    
  Mrs. Yash Dhiman    
  Mr. Nitin Dhiman    
  Mr. A.K Kaushal    
  Mrs. Khushpal Kaushal    
  Mr. Narinder Gautam    
  Mrs. Rama Gautam    
  Mr. Gurinder Singh    
  Mr. Ramesh Bhasin    
  Mr. Aman Sharma    
  Mrs. Suman Sharma    
  Mr. Vijay Sharma    
  Mrs. Kusam Sharma    
  Mrs. Santosh Sharma    
  Mr. Rajeev Sharma    
  Mr. Rohit Sharma    
  Mr. Ramdhan Vashist    
  Mrs. Swaran Vashist    
  Mr. D.R Gupta    
  Mrs. Aruna Gupta    
  Mr. S.K Kaushal    
  Mrs. Param Kaushal    
  Mr. Harkesh Gupta    
  Mrs. Raj Rani Gupta    
  Mr. Darshan Dhiman    
  Mrs. Mohinder Dhiman    
  Mr. Ish Aggarwal    
  Mrs. Sarita Aggarwal    
  Dr. R.S Parmar    
  Dr. J.C Handa    
  Mrs. Neelam Bansal    
  Mr. Amit Bansal    
  Miss Rajvinder Kaur Toor  


 The library is well  stocked and  nicely

  maintained. A qualified   librarian and an

  assistant looks after the library. 

  Students  are  encouraged to develop

  the habit of   library reading to enrich  

  their  knowledge and widen their mental


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